Welcome To SecondaryWire!


SecondaryWire delivers a less expensive way for mortgage brokers and correspondents to offer loans or loan pools to lenders and investors for bids.

In developing the platform our aim was simple: To remove the headaches, worries, compliance entanglements, and inefficiencies that too often plague the wholesale mortgage market. We’ve done that and more. SecondaryWire makes the mortgage business more efficient, more profitable, more transparent, easier, and more fun.

One purpose of the blog is to provide feedback to us and tips to other users. Think of  the blog as a user group meeting that never ends, with members sharing ideas, helpful suggestions, and tips for using SecondaryWire.

To be sure, we are open to what our members say about their experiences using the exchange, will not get defensive about criticism, nor too heady about positive comments.

Rest assured, however, we will act on suggestions that will enhance the exchange whenever they improve the professional lives of our members.

We are committed to ensuring that SecondaryWire is you preferred method of transacting business and dedicated to your success.

We look forward to a long, fruitful business relationship.